Despicable Me 3 Family Party/Canned Food Drive - Alamo Drafthouse

Saturday, July 01, 2017
This event does not repeat

**Please bring canned food for crafts and for our canned food drive for our local food pantry. Please arrive 30 minutes early for crafts/games/fun before the film**

Join us for a villainous family party to celebrate the return of Gru and the Minions for one last heist in DESPICABLE ME 3. Families are encouraged to dress as their favorite villains and party on the dark side as we play games, do crafts, and get fired up for the movie. We'll also build a Minion army of canned food to donate to our local food pantry. All ages are welcome to our Family Party!

About the movie:

Gru is back, and this time he's got... a brother? A twin brother? Nobody mentioned this before? But we'll allow it, as it means we get double the Steve Carrell in DESPICABLE ME 3, where he's playing both Gru AND Dru (who has some luxurious blonde locks, by the way).

This time Gru and his wife and fellow Anti-Villain League agent Lucy (Kristen Wiig) are up against Balthazar Bratt, an '80s child star who has grown up to be an '80s-obsessed supervillain (played by SOUTH PARK's Trey Parker!). But will Gru stick to the straight and narrow when the charming Dru arrives, trying to convince his brother to come in on a heist that will one-up Bratt's latest haul?

The beloved series of villains and Minions continues, and the kids are going to absolutely love this one - while Balthazar Bratt's '80s references (Rubik's Cubes, moonwalking, and shoulder pads up the wazoo!) will keep the old folks laughing.

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