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We can help you promote your business or special event!  More and more people every day are getting their news online, and when it comes to entertainment news for the Coastal Bend, we are the Premier Source.  Take advantage by putting your message in front of the thousands of people who visit our website every month.

The Crush Advantage:

  • crush girlsDirect Response - Unlike traditional media (i.e., radio, TV, etc.), people can respond directly to your ads by clicking directly to your website or social media page.
  • Measurable Results - We provide monthly traffic reports of your campaign, so you can see the number of impressions and clicks your ads are generating.
  • Social Media Reach - We are extremely active in driving traffic to our site through the use of our social media.
  • Giving Back - Along with providing news through our website, our popular spokespersons (Crush Girls) are actively involved with the community - providing a personal, human connection to the fans in our community that helps build & maintain brand loyalty.

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Key stats:

  • 19,000+ visits per month, and still growing
  • 23,000+ subscribers to our social media network
  • 4,000+ email subscribers

Demographics (of subscribers):

  • 40% male / 56% female
  • Top age groups (in order): 25 - 34 (48%); 18 - 24 (30%); 35 - 44 (11%)

Advertising with us is much more cost effective than any other traditional media, but we also provide even more promotional advantages, such as:

Crush Girls:

crush girlsAlong with advertising on our site, we can provide an extremely effective "one-to-one" grassroots marketing tool that no other media source can offer - our popular Crush Girls street teams.  Unlike other promotional teams or modeling agencies, our Crush Girls teams are fully supported by the media reach of our website; in other words, when you use one of our teams, you're also getting media exposure through our website and social media network. They can be a part of almost any marketing campaign to create a wide variety of onsite and offsite promotions for your business.

Cross-Markeing with Special Events - Want to be involved with some of the biggest concerts and special events that come to town?  Carrie Underwood, Lil Wayne, Alan Jackson, Staind, Cheetah Girls, WWE, Monster name it, and we've been involved!  We can help cross-market your business with many of the special events at the following venues:

  • Concrete Street Amphitheater
  • American Bank Center

We can provide you with a unique combination of services that no other traditional media company can provide! For more information, please contact us at (361) 425-3001 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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